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The International Film Festival is the most famous in the world. It takes place annually at Palazzo del Cinema in Lido of Venice and it is part of the cultural events organized by the Venice Biennale. The films in competition are awarded with the famous Leone d'Oro (Golden Lion), symbol of the city of Venice. Another award is "Sfera 1932" (Sphere 1932) that the Consorzio Venezia e il suo Lido in collaboration with Suguso Art Glass glassmaker, each year attribute to the film which is capable to transmit the values ​​related to the environmental sustainability and the human psycho-physical well-being.

The first edition of the festival dates to 1932 and is considered as the oldest event dedicated to cinematography in the world. In fact, in the History’s books it is also called as the 1st International Exhibition of Cinematographic Art. The exhibition was born thanks to the revolutionary idea of ​​the 1932 President of the Venice Biennale (the Count Giuseppe Volpi di Misurata), to whom is also dedicated a theater room in Lido, and the secretary of the International Institute of Educational Cinema Luciano de Feo (Antonio Maraini). This idea had been an idea supported by the fascist authorities who promoted strongly its development.

The first edition of the festival wasn’t conceived as a competition, but as a film exposition that took place at the terrace of the prestigious Hotel Excelsior, still nowadays considered as an important center during the Venice Film Festival.

Even though it was the first edition, great films took part at the competition such as the Forbidden, The Grand Hotel, The Champ, Frankenstein, The Devil to Pay!, What Scoundrels Men Are! (the first Italian movie in competition), Á nous la liberté!.

Curiosity: the first film to be showed in the history of the International Film Festival has been Dr. Jekyll and Dr. Hyde on the evening of August 6th 1932, followed by a great dance at the Hotel Excelsior.

Due to the Second World War, the development and prestige of the exhibition were reduced so much that the editions of 1940, 1941 and 1942 took place away from Lido. In those years, in fact, very few films took part, most of which belonged to the Rome-Berlin axis. The films in those years were chosen not so much for their artistic quality, but rather for their political aims. However, since 1946, everything has been brought back to normal and the festival returned to take place in Lido of Venice.

This year it will be the 74th edition of the Festival and it will be from 30th August to 9th September. The special guests expected are Annette Bening (she will be jury president) and Alessandro Borghi, who will be the festival mogul.


Photo taken from: La Biennale