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Escaping from the hustle of Venice and enjoying at the same time the beauty that characterizes it, it’s possible! The Lido offers incredible views of the magical city that will surprise you with their uniqueness. Here you will live your holiday between sea and lagoon, in a harmonious and picturesque setting, just a few minutes from Venice.

Boat Cruise with Bora

Explore the Lagoon and let yourself be inspired by the stunning view of Venice from the water…  Bora will lead you to discover the Venetian islands, making you falling in love with Venice twice!

Pellestrina and the Southern Lagoon

Come and explore the Southern Lagoon: you can admire ancient islands such as San Lazzaro degli Armeni, Poveglia, Le Grazie and San Clemente.
Visit Pellestrina too! It will surprise you with its golden beaches and typical houses in Venetian style. Take a walk along the Murazzi or sunbathe on the beautiful unspoiled beaches. The Ca’ Roman oasis will fascinate you: here you can observe protected species that nest in the area. From this point you can also enjoy an amazing view of Chioggia and its harbor.

The Northern Lagoon

Explore the Northern Lagoon! You can visit the islands located in this part of the lagoon by immersing yourself in many small and unique realities. Maybe you already know the islands of Murano and Burano, famous respectively for the blowing glass and the lace with the typical colorful houses. You can also visit the archaeological heritage of Torcello and many other little islands such as San Francesco del Deserto, Sant’Erasmo, Mazzorbo, La Certosa and Le Vignole.