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The historical beaches of the Lido welcome their guests in all their uniqueness with the typical huts where the nobility of the early 20th century used to relax. You can enjoy the beautiful sunny days of summer sitting on the seashore or comfortably lying on the sun beds offered by our private beaches, surrounded by a relaxing atmosphere.

Huts and Beach Umbrellas

The Lido beaches are characterised by different huts, undisputed stars of the island.
The hut will be a very useful support while walking along the seashore, taking a refreshing bath, or reading a good book if you want to relax in the shade. Some beaches offer beach umbrellas near the sea with deckchairs or sun beds where you can relax while listening to the waves.

Free Beaches

Don’t worry if you love free beaches where you can set up your own beach umbrella and lie in the sun: in the Lido you will have this opportunity too! The most popular and central is the Blue Moon, but if you prefer a quieter and less crowded places you can opt for the free beach of San Nicolò or Alberoni. If you want to try a typical experience and at the same time enjoy a unique view, go sunbathing on the white rocks of the Murazzi where the sand appears only when there is low tide.

Bau beach

Do you want to spend a day on the beach and do you want to bring your four-legged friend with you? Here in Lido you can do it! Bau Beach is a beautiful beach in the San Nicolò area equipped to properly welcome your furry friends: they will enjoy a holiday by the seaside with you.