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In the Meditation Center Osho Ki6 you meet researchers of global health, engaged in their own individual path.
The therapists, group leaders and meditation teachers who share their experience, they have the gift to communicate from their heart. Thanks to them, every training seminar is much more than a simple learning. This team of professional workers has solid training and preparation in specific therapeutic fields and other aspects of well-being. It is also dedicated to a continuous process of internal knowledge that allows the spontaneity of sharing.
The Osho techniques lead to listening to the inner self and to reconnect to our essence through a proven process of catharsis that helps release tension and psychophysical repression.

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Let yourself be inspired by the individual treatments addressed to relaxation and to the enhancement of your knowledge.
Feeding your being allows you to share it with more enthusiasm and vitality, and to reflect them in daily life and in your relationships.
You can chose different sessions or treatments:
Psychic massage
STAR SAPPHIRE Male-Female Energywork
Family constellation
Californian Massage
Alchemy of Breath


Osho dinamica 
Osho Kundalini
Osho Nataraj 
Osho Heart Chakra
Osho No dimension 
Osho Gibberish 
Osho Nadabrahma 
Osho Chakra Breathing 
Osho Chakra Sounds 
Osho Gourishankar

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