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Bike is the best way to enjoy the Lido: the island is one of the fewest in the lagoon to have not only canals but also low-traffic streets where it’s easy to ride.
This is an easy 15 km scenic tour, perfect for the spring sunny days and to discover the best views from our island. The itinerary starts at S.M. Elisabetta, the arrival point from Venice, but as it is a circular tour it can be started from anywhere in the northern-central part of the Lido.
Getting on on our bike we begin the ride along via Sandro Gallo, with the lagoon on the right. This is the main street of the island, that connect the northern to the southern part. The first hundreds meters are the busiest, but nothing to be worried about.

After about 1 km, just past a bridge, we must turn right, into via Domenico Salva to reach the lagoon shore, along a secondary and more quiet street. We’ll ride for 800 mts with a stunning view on Venice, San Lazzaro degli Armeni and Lazzaretto Vecchio islands in the foreground. Afterwords we can take via Sansovino on the left to go back to the main street, via Sandro Gallo.

This boulevard bring us to Malamocco after a 3 and half kilometers ride, all along the way everytime we cross a bridge we can have a lovely view on the lagoon on our right.
Riding through the center of the village we can feel an incontaminated and tipically Venetian atmosphere, the tranquillity here is far from the chaotic San Marco Square. That's the best place rest nd enjoy the local cuisine in one of the two osterie: the "Trattoria al Ponte di Borgo" and the "Locanda da Scarso".

Leaving behind us the colorful houses and the canals we can reach one of the most special spots of the island: the Murazzi, a system of stone embankment set up to protect the island from coastal flooding, that now has on a side a bike and walking lane.

After riding on this path for about 3 and half kilometers Murazzi makes way for a street where we’ll meet, one after the other the majestic Hotel Excelsior, the Cinema Palace and the Ex Casinò Palace, where the Venice Film Festival take place.
Going forward on the boulevard, riding along the seafront, we reach Lungomare d’Annunzio: from here our advice is just to get lost through the lanes on the left into the Liberty quarter.

In no time we’ll then find ourselves along the lagoon side of the island, on Riva San Nicolò and then Riva Santa Maria Elisabetta, heading south. Once overtaked the Tempio Votivo we close the circle and the tour draws to a close.

To visit the Lido following our itinerary you can rent a bike or just use the ones that most of our hotels make available to their guests.