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Outdoor dining

Enjoy spectacular cuisine and the sound of the sea when you dine at Restaurant Tropicana.
Lose yourself in the deep blue ocean view while you sip a glass of crisp white wine.
Take a table on our outdoor terrace and star gaze under the flickering candlelight while you’re served course after delicious course of the finest Italian food.
Or soak up the relaxed atmosphere in our elegant indoor restaurant.
The sparkling chandeliers and high wooden beams give the room an elegant air to compliment your exquisite cuisine.
Let the enchantment begin.

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Gluten free products available upon request.





Chef's Recipe

Risotto Acquerello

Ingredients for the Bisque:

Onion 30g
Celery 15g
Carrots 15g
Olive oil 8g
Brandy 10g
Tomato juice 500ml
Ice 1kg
Basil 8g
Lemon juice

Ingredients for risotto:

Riso Acquerello 70g
Lobster 350g
Onion 25g
Olive oil 5g
Chardonnay 20g
Lemon zestes 3g
Asparagus n.1
Vanilla bean 1⁄2
Extra virgin olive oil
“olio di Bo” 10g
Butter 20g
Parmigiano Cheese 20g

For the finishing:

Steamed Snowpeas n.3
Steamed asparagus n.2
Raw Asparagus n.1
Borage flowers n.3
Butter 5g


The Bisque: First steam the lobster for 15 minutes at 100°C and cool it in ice bath for 15 minutes.
Remove the head, unshell the tail and the claws and keep them in refrigerator for a future use.
For the bisque finely chop onion, celery and carrots and roast at medium fire in in a large and tall pot with the olive oil until the vegetables
reach a blonde color.
Cut the lobster head in half, place it on top of the vegetable and let it cook for a couple of minutes.
Pour the brandy and let it evaporate it, after that add the tomato juice, the basil and the ice.
Let the stock boil at low fire for 40minutes, strain it and smash the lobster head for extract all juices.
Pour the stock in another pot and let it reduce at max fire for 10/15 minutes to concentrate the taste, after that adjust the taste with the lemon
juice and salt.

The Risotto: Panfry the onion finely chopped in a pan with olive oil until will reach a gold color and add the rice, let it toast for a few minutes
and pour the wine.
Meanwhile peal and slice the asparagus and add to the risotto once the wine is completely evaporated.
Pour the right amount of bisque* and let the risotto cook for 20 minutes.
Cut one of the claws and half of the lobster tail in a small cubes and add them in the risotto one minute before the end of the cooking process.
Turn off the fire, add butter, Parmigiano, lemon zestes, and the inside part of the vanilla bean. Stir the risotto and add the Extra virgin olive oil.
Adjust the taste with salt.

The Finishing: Pour the remaining bisque in a small pot and reduce it to 70%, add the butter and let it cool at room temperature.
With a potato peeler slice the asparagus to create ribbons, warm up the remaining half tail, the claw, the steamed asparagus and the snowpeas.
Pour the risotto in the center of a plate with a help of a metal ring for keep the round shape; place the vegetable, the lobster meat and the
borage flowers on top, pour the reduced bisque around the risotto and carefully remove the metal ring.


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