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The Lido is the perfect choice if you want to escape from the frenzy of the big cities and enjoy a rejuvenating vacation. You can immerse yourself in the slow and relaxed pace of the island, taking a long walk and breathing fresh sea air…or you can dedicate yourself to the wellness of your body practicing some sport or indulging yourself in the SPA of the island.


If you want to escape from the everyday routine, our small island can give you relaxing moments: the Thai Lanna Gaia SPA will pamper you with its treatments for a healthy body and soul.

Nordic Walking

To fully enjoy the peaceful and relaxed pace of the island, practicing some healthy exercise and breathing sea breeze, you can go Nordic Walking! You will walk along the Murazzi until Alberoni: a spectacular view will make you feel less tired.

Meditazione in spiaggia

To find the peace of mind and communicate with your inner self, there is no better place than the beach at dawn, when it is still deserted and everything seems in perfect silence. The waves will accompany your meditation, helping you to free your mind of any thoughts and to be aware of your own body.