A morning run by the sea or along the Murazzi breathing fresh air, a tennis match, one day on the golf course, rowing in the lagoon…these are just some of the various activities that the Lido offers to sport lovers. Not only can you enjoy plenty of activities but you can also practice them in a breath-taking location.


Trying to row on a typical Venetian boat and exploring the lagoon surely is a unique experience… do not waste this special occasion!


Playing golf in Venice? Yes, you can!  The Lido offers one of the most beautiful Italian golf courses. It will capture all the golf lovers for its particular position between the sea and the lagoon.


Tennis lovers will be certainly satisfied with this little island that offers unique tennis courts, immersed in the green, where you can play while breathing fresh sea air.

Other Sports

Lido island will be able to satisfy even the most demanding sport lovers, with its wide range of offers. Cycling, Nordic walking, horse riding and water sports from windsurfing to surfing and canoeing. Here you will discover that even just a simple morning run along the Murazzi is an amazing experience in a unique setting.