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Surely nature is one of the key words of Lido: amazing sunsets on the lagoon, beautiful sunrises on the side of the sea, green areas, wildlife sanctuaries, parks, gardens and so on and so forth! This little island will be able to recharge your energy and your spirit.


Get fascinated by the expanse of high sand dunes of Alberoni, a beautiful setting in the protected area supervised by the WWF and the Municipality of Venice. You can add to the picture a wide pinewood with the typical vegetation of the brackish habitats. The Oasis of the Dunes of Alberoni is a natural reserve of great beauty and environmental importance. If you love nature and biodiversity this is the perfect place to visit.


The Venice Lido is a unique place! Its beaches located throughout all of its length from the side of the sea are beautiful stretches of golden sand coasting clear water and a rich marine life. Repeatedly confirmed as Blue Flag, the Lido beaches are waiting for your relaxing holiday.


Are you looking for a unique place that can seduce you with its beauty and colors? The Lido is the right place for you then! Lido is a terrace over the Venice Lagoon. You can sit on the shore and admire the boats passing by or the beautiful sunsets on the St. Mark’s Basin. Or you can simply take a walk along the lagoon enjoying the scenery around you.