Magnificent villas in Liberty style, churches dating back to the 16th century, the characteristic Borgo Antico of Malamocco that remembers Venice with its “calli” and, last but not least, the famous Venice Film Festival!


During your visit to the Venice Lido you cannot absolutely miss the old town of Malamocco! The Roman Metamaucum is among the oldest settlements of the Venetian Lagoon. This area of the island will fascinate you with its streets and houses: it seems to be in a little Venice! Here you can also visit the small but interesting museum of Palazzo Podestà, a Gothic-style building that houses a permanent exhibition of archaeological finds and the Church of Santa Maria Assunta dated back to the 12th Century.

Nicelli Airport

The Lido is an island full of history: one of the first Italian airports, dedicated to Giovanni Nicelli,is located in the S.Nicolò area. Today the airport is active for small private aircrafts and it is the starting point for heart touching  helicopter tours of Venice. Nicelli airport is also a wonderful place for events and parties, with its 30’s architecture and its location between sea and lagoon. It also conquered the third place in the ranking of the ten most beautiful airports in the world by BBC!

Liberty Villas

If you love art and architecture, the Lido will fascinate you with the charm of its Liberty villas. The elegant and impressive villas are characterised by a sinuous architecture and are surrounded by lush gardens and wrought-iron gates. Don’t miss the tour of these beautiful villas that will make you falling in love with the island and its Golden time. Vegetable and floral motifs and mosaics on the villas façades will certainly surprise you.

Venice Film Festival

Don’t miss the most awaited event of the year! Every September the Lido holds one of the oldest Film Festival and it is filled with actors, journalists and cinema addicted. You can go to the movie premieres in competition or you can take a walk in front of the Palazzo del Cinema waiting for Vips to make their appearance on the red carpet. You can also enjoy an aperitif on the terrace overlooking the Excelsior beach, or participate in one of the exclusive parties of the jet-set.

Jewish Cemetery

If you are planning a holiday in Venice Lido and you are a history lover you cannot miss the opportunity to join a guided visit of the Ancient Jewish Cemetery. Founded in 1389, it is one of the most ancient Jewish cemeteries preserved in Europe. The guide will certainly satisfy your thirst of knowledge and will answer to all curiosities about this charming place full of history.