Green Lido, a brand for sustainable tourism

Città di Venezia - Ministero dell'ambiente e della tutela del mare

Did you know that… Lido of Venice has

  • 10 km of sandy beaches
  • Alberoni Oasis - WWF Reserve: 30 hectares of pine groves and dunes
  • 51 Sports Associations: archery, horse riding, rugby, volleyball, football, sailing, venetian rowing, skating, swimming and many other disciplines
  • Recycling percentage: the Veritas Report confirms that in 2015 the Municipality of Venice had 53.08% of recycling average while the Lido of Venice reaches 62.10%
  • Blue Flag 2016: Lido di Venezia beaches have been awarded for the eight consecutive time. Blue Flag is a voluntary eco-label bestowed to the best seaside resorts in sustainable land management.
  • Green Flag: an award given to the beaches with the best environmental factors and facilities for children.


Green Lido is a proposal for sustainable urban tourism that aims to enhance the landscape and to build a wide offer of crafted, cultural and food products.
The project focuses on the concepts of healthy lifestyle, care of oneself and environmental protection, and promotes the coordination of sport activities, the improvement of the cultivation in Malamocco’s vegetable gardens and electric mobility and cycling. 

  • Companies, associations and citizens involved in this project would have to assume over time a behaviour coherent to these values.
  • The consortium Venezia e il suo Lido promotes this project, supported by Confindustria Venezia. TheGreen Lido project is under the patronage of the Ministry for the Protection of the Landscape and the Sea and the Municipality of Venice since July 2016
  • January 26th 2018 - "The Green Lido charter - The Venice Lido for environmental sustainability" was signed by the Ministry for the Environment and Protection of the Territory and the Sea, the Veneto Region, the City of Venice, the Consortium Venice and its Lido and by Confindustria Venezia and Rovigo, to promote and improve the Lido of Venice’s sustainable development.

Consorzio di promozione Venezia e il suo Lido
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