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At Lido of Venice, the 74th International Film Festival has just ended.
From the guests to the citizens of the island, everyone seems to have been satisfied. The "Cinema City" set-up, though minimalistic and essential, has made it possible to make the atmosphere around the Casino Palace special, also enriched by splendid spheres produced by Seguso – Art Glasses.
On the red carpet walked many famous celebrities such as Robert Redford and Jane Fonda, veterans like George Clooney and new social media stars, as Chiara Ferragni and Alice Campello.
For ten days in the theaters prepared specifically for the event, many films of various genres have been screened. The competition includes five different international juries, each of which is awarded with several prizes: Venezia 74, Orizzonti, Opera Prima, Venezia Classici and Venice VR, the latest novelty of the 74th edition that for the first time in the world has awarded Virtual Reality.
The Golden Lion, the most important prize of the Festival awarded to the winner among the films in the section Venezia 74, was won by The shape of water by Guillermo del Toro (USA). The film, which partially reproduces the story of The Beauty and the Beast, tells about Elisa, a mere mute woman who lives during the Cold War. His habitual life is suddenly disturbed by the encounter with a beast, used by Americans as a weapon against Russians. Elisa falls in love with him because she sees in the amphibious guy the only person who can really understand her, but despite the feeling is reciprocate, their love encounters many obstacles.
Among the various Italian films proposed, the most discussed and appreciated, has been Ammore e Malavita, with Claudia Gerini, Carlo Buccirosso and Giampaolo Morelli. Although he did not receive any prizes, it was liked particularly by the public for the way he talked about mafia criminality, giving him an ironic picture through the choice of musical-comedy with a neo-melodic soundtrack.
The Consorzio Venezia e il suo Lido, on the other hand, contributed to the Festival with the Premio Sfera 1932, assigning it to the film that with the most evocative power has been able to convey the need to project the future in a sustainable manner and which has best represented the need to guide every choice of development towards raising the quality of people’s life. The award has been assigned to La Mélodie, a film by Rachid Hami. The jury rewarded him for his ability with which he proposed creativity as a factor of socialization and gaining confidence in oneself and in others by promoting the positivity of dialogue between cultures and generations. He was also appreciated for the vitality he is telling the story of a problematic and multiethnic Parisian school devoted to music teaching.
Now that the island is no longer colored by red and illuminated by the spotlight, it returns to its daily life, but always ready to welcome its guests and offer them a sustainable holiday immersed in its beautiful nature!