Biennale Dance, Music, Theatre 2019

The 13th International Festival of Contemporary Dance titled ON BEcOMING A SmArT GOd-dESS and directed by Marie Chouinard  will take place from June 21st to June 30th– with 29 performances by 22 choreographers and companies from around the world, 5 world premieres, 9 Italian premieres and 8 original creations for outdoor theatre in the heart of the city.

The 2019 edition features Alessandro Sciarroni (Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement), the Théo Mercier / Steven Michel duo,William Forsythe, Nicola Gunn, Nicolás Poggi and Luciano Rosso, Michelle Moura, Katia-Marie Germain, Simona Bertozzi, Luke George e Daniel Kok, Giuseppe Chico and Barbara Matijević, Doris Uhlich, Bára Sigfúsdóttir, Sasha Wlatz, Daniel Léveillé, Maria Chiara de’ Nobili.

Several encounters and conversations with artists will be held at the Giardino Marceglia (Arsenale), as well as a cycle of films that will extend our vision beyond dance with dance.

Finally, some of the guest artists will bring dance directly into the flow of daily life, establishing a dialogue with the outside world in their creations, short choreographic pieces, to be performed at Via Garibaldi on a stage built for the occasion.

Foto: Forecasting di Giuseppe Chico e Barbara Matijević, ph:  ©Yelena Remetin

The 47th International Theatre Festival, directed by Antonio Latella, will run from 22nd July to 5th August 2019.

The Festival addresses its third act with Drammaturgie highlighting various types of dramaturgy and of being dramaturgists, with 14 artists, each with more than one production to present a sort of short “artistic biography”, for a total of 28 shows with 23 new pieces, two of which are European premieres and 6 world premieres.

Special attention will be given to dramaturgy for children's theatre,  born to create a new audience, to raise it and protect it from the obvious, offering great theatre that is not intended for younger audiences alone.

And the children's theatre by Dutch director Jetse Batelaanwinner of the Silver Lion, will kick off the Festival on July 22nd. Among the protagonists of the Festival there will be also Oliver Frljić, Sebastian Nübling, Susie Dee, Alessandro Serra, Manuela Infante, Paola Vannoni and Roberto Scappin, known as Quotidianacom, Pino Carbone, Lucia Calamaro, Julian Hetzel, Miet Warlop, the musical theatre ensemble Club Gewalt from Rotterdam, and finally Jens Hillje, winner of the Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement.

The theme ‘dramaturgies’ will also be the focus of a symposium with correspondents from the leading international theatre magazines, and it will also be the subject of daily encounters with the artists of the Festival.


The 63rd International Festival of Contemporary Music, Back to Europe, directed by Ivan Fedele  to be held from September 27th to October 6th, will present 16 events for a total of 30 premiere performances: 19 world premieres (12 of which were commissioned by La Biennale) and 11 Italian premieres.

The Festival will deal eminently with some of the most interesting realities of the ‘Old Continent’ which remains a benchmark for music, and more in general, the culture of our time.

The listening space of music will be transformed by musician-performers, scenographic soundscapes and immersive multimedia installations.

Consistently with this theme, George Benjamin, Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement 2019, will inaugurate the 63rd International Festival of Contemporary Music on September 27th with his first broad-scoped operatic work, hailed as a masterpiece.

The Festival will feature also Georges Aperghis, and younger generation artists like Matteo Franceschini, the winner of the Silver Lion award, Emanuela Battigelli, the Ensemble Spirito, the Ensemble Arsenale, Hermes Ensemble, Solisti Aquilani, Quartetto Prometeo, the Meitar Ensemble, the Plural EnsembleOrchestra della ToscanaMohini Dey, the Malafede Trio and the Nieuw ensemble / Atlas Ensemble.