Biennale Dance, Music and Theatre

From October 13th to 25th, Venice will be the setting for the 14th International Festival of Contemporary Dance, AnD NoWdirected by Marie Chouinard.

Two weeks of performances with 19 choreographers who have authored 23 pieces (7 world and 5 Italian premieres), as well as encounters and films that will unfurl through the spaces of the Arsenale.

Following in the wake of past editions, the guest choreographers, show dance to be a boundless territory, one of the most dynamic in the art world and most open to hybridization, dance that finds place in theatres, galleries, museums and even trade fairs.

This was the perspective that guided the choice of recipients for the 2020 Lions for Dance: the Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement to the Spanish-Swiss choreographer La Ribot and the Silver Lion to choreographer Claudia Castellucci

The protagonists of this year’s edition are: the Catalan Maria Campos and the Lebanese Guy Nader, Noè Soulier, the Belgian Lisbeth Gruwez, the Basque Jone San Martín, Claudia Catarzi, Matteo Carvone, Silvia Gribaudi, Chiara Bersani, Marco D’Agostin, Sofia Nappi and Adriano Bolognino, Olivier Dubois.

Encounters at the Sale d’Armi and conversations following the performances with great artists. Finally, a cycle of screenings of short and feature-length films to be announced, will be shown at the Arsenale to extend the perspective onto the world of dance and beyond dance.

The programme may be subject to variations



La Biennale di Venezia’s 64th International Festival of Contemporary Music shall take place from 25 September until 4 October: ten days with 18 events that will feature 28 new works, 15 of which are world premieres (7 commissioned by La Biennale) and 13 Italian premieres.


Titled Incontri, the Festival revolves around great figures in music of the recent past, their thinking and their musical practices, in a dialogue with the most cutting-edge contemporary composers.


The Lions of this sixty-fourth edition include the Lifetime Achievement award to Luis de Pablo, an omnivorous and highly original composer, a key figure in the renewal of music in Spain, and the Silver Lion to Raphaël Cendo, the founder of a real aesthetic movement, “Saturationism”, which has revolutionised the way of conceiving and composing music and attracted many young composers.


As in previous years, the Festival presents a cycle dedicated to a solo instrument, the piano, with contributions by Leonardo Colafelice, William Greco, Pasquale Iannone.


The programme features Ensemble900, from  Conservatorio della Svizzera Italiana, Ensemble Interface, Frankfurt, Ensemble Fontanamix, Ensemble ContrechampsCairn Ensemble, Divertimento Ensemble, Ensemble Fractales, Oktopus Ensemble, Orchestra Haydn from Bolzano and Trento.




The 48th International Theatre Festival, Hide-and-Seek, directed by Antonio Latella, shall be on stage from 14 until 25 September, with 28 titles and 40 shows – all absolute premieres.


“All the artists – writes Latella – were asked to work on the theme of censorship, trying to look beyond the obvious in this proposal to think of it as a “superior” value to present to the audience and to the professionals in the field, in the belief that Italian theatre people find it difficult to break into the international market, and they are therefore, in some way, censored merely by the fact of being Italian theatre people“.


The Lions for Theatre this year seek to reward “artists who give and do so much for theatre – explains Latella – but often remain in the background”

The Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement has been awarded to Franco Visioli, sound designer, while the Silver Lion has been awarded to Alessio Maria Romano, director and choreographer.


Amongst featuring artists: Leonardo Lidi, Fabio Condemi, Leonardo Manzan, Giovanni Ortoleva, Martina Badiluzzi, Caroline Baglioni, promoted by “College Authors Under 40”, Pablo Solari, Alessandro Businaro, the duo Astorri TintinelliBiancofango, Industria Indipendente, Babilonia Teatri, Nina’s Drag Queens, Teatro dei Gordi, UnterWasser, Daniele Bartolini, Filippo Ceredi, Liv Ferracchiati, Antonio Ianniello, Giuseppe Stellato, Daniele Bartolini, Fabiana Iacozzilli, Giuliana MussoJacopo Gassmann, Mariangela Gualtieri and Francesco Manetti.

The programme may be subject to variations.